be better, decide better

how to go about it


Tap into the experiences of others and get framed, fast and honest responses in a fun way.


Optimise your decision making by adding other perspectives to the equation.


Validate or challenge your own opinions and thoughts.


Respond anonymously (and therefore freely) to hundreds of open inquiries by other people.


Or send and receive Deems privately among your friends and contacts.


grab your audience

Privately send a deem to selected friends and contacts. Or go big and post it publicly, anyone can find and respond to it. Use hashtags to frame the topic and reach engaged people.

short-lived content, persistent knowledge

Deems are short-lived. When the time is up and you've seen your results, they will disappear, forever gone.

So don't be ashamed of asking away, nobody is keeping a record.

control your interactions

Creating this way, keep the bullies away.

Stay in control of the content you create, and even the ways others interact with it.

You not only choose your text and image for a deem, but also the response channel, the time it will live and the audience it will be presented to.

And when answering to other people's inquires, remember responses are anonymous, so be free to share your real thoughts.

However underrated, honesty is greatly appreciated!

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